Study in Netherlands - How many top universities in Netherlands for international students?

The Netherlands was among the first countries to introduce a bachelor's/master's model and provide study programs in English. The result is one of the most extensive selections of courses offered across the continent. There are a variety of bachelor's and master's degrees at more than 70 institutions that offer higher education.

You will also expect a huge number of international students. Almost 16% of students are international, one of the highest percentages in Europe.

The advantage of studying here in the Netherlands is a great choice. The benefits include quality education, cheap tuition fees, open opportunities for entrepreneurs and students seeking employment and quality educational institutions:

The Netherlands is a creative, technologically advanced, ingenious and innovative country with a history of many successes. This country is a source of pride for all students who study there.
Most of the institutions located in the Netherlands are research based and funded by the state.

To increase your chances of finding employment, acquire and improve your skills, including problem analysis and problem solving and innovative thinking. The Dutch teaching method is collaborative and student-centered. Learn to form your own opinions, keep an open mind and expand your global perspective.

The Netherlands is a relatively small country, which is why it is so charming. Incredible destinations and experiences are within reach. For those who prefer city life, big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are within easy reach of Leiden or The Hague.

These cities are great places for a weekend or day trip and offer plenty of opportunities for theatre, music and restaurants, cafes as well as architecture and art. If you are looking for peace and relaxation in nature and outdoors, you also have plenty of options. You can spend your time on one of the beaches along the entire Dutch North Sea coast across the country.

While the Netherlands offers plenty of things to do, you may want to take a few international trips as well. In this case, it is possible to travel by plane or train to the big cities of Europe. With Schiphol International Airport just an hour away by train from Leiden and The Hague, exciting European cities such as London, Paris, Antwerp and Berlin are within easy reach.

There are many cheap flights available and a weekend getaway doesn't have to be expensive. If you prefer to travel by train, there are frequent flights between Leiden and The Hague from Belgium or France.

Universities in Netherlands :

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