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Visa Guidance & Passport Guidance

As a Passport is a must to travel abroad for studying MBBS, Fly Future Education also provides guidance for getting your Passport made. and Help to get successful visa from the embassy. You must have a valid passport. All international students who wish to study at a US college or university must apply for an F-1 student visa. Not sure where to start? We've put together an easy-to-use guide to the F-1 student visa process. Here at INTO, we have great support to help you have a successful study abroad experience. Read about US student visa requirements and more.

It is classified as a non-immigrant temporary resident visa. You can apply for this visa after the accredited institution accepts your application and issues an I-20 form.

The I-20 form provided by the university will determine the length of your program and indicate the expiration date. This will determine how long you will have to earn your degree and stay in the US. Student visa requirements will vary depending on the country.

There are two types of Student Visas –

*Students enrolled in non-academic or work-based courses must apply for an M-1 visa.

* An F-1 visa is required to obtain a degree for students enrolled in academic courses at an accredited school. There is a set of documents and an interview for both visas.

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